Friday, January 26, 2007

I Am Pleased To Announce.... well as thrilled beyond belief to announce that I have joined Team Lydia at Lydia Cornell's blog. She's a fine woman, a true liberal with a heart of gold and a toughness that I can't even begin to compare. Any woman who gets kicked in the teeth by Ann Coulter...hell, anyONE...and then gets up and writes a book about her gets high marks from me.

Oh, and Ann? Since I'm sure you're going to check this out, don't think for a second I won't take you on and take you down a notch, too. Fair warning. And I play a lot rougher than Lydia.

I'll be spending more time over there talking about softer issues than I do here. Here, I'm more political. There, I'm going to be more spiritual. Sometimes I feel constricted by the theme of this blog when exploring deeply personal issues, as if I have to tie anything (except my music and kitten posts) to politics or at least world events.

Lydia, thank you for inviting me.