Sunday, January 21, 2007

Koufax Awards Are Open!

NOTE: This post will be "stickied" until January 21st

If you like what you've read/seen/heard here this past year, I'd appreciate a mention at this thread.

I figure I stand a chance in Best Writing, a far-outside chance at Best Blog, and maybe Best Post, if one really stands out in your mind. Also, of course, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, altho I suspect Spocko will walk away with that after the whole Disney thing.

Not that I'd, you know, solicit any nominations, of course...also, be respectful of the nominating process. If you see Simply Left Behind has been nominated in a category once, don't "ditto" it. It just makes it harder for the judges to sift thru and find other blog names, and might even disqualify me.

UPDATE: Nominations will close on January 21, and voting will begin shortly thereafter. I'll keep you posted, and thanks to my loyal minions friends who have named me "Best Writer", "Best Blogger", et al.