Monday, January 22, 2007

Scraping The Barrel

Normally, I treat Cybercast News Service ( items like, well, they were a pile of smoldering cat vomit on a busy thoroughfare: step over them and hope a good clean rainstorm washes them away. This one, however, caught my eye, so I put on my Internet condom (three) and read it:
Sen. Clinton's Abortion Record May Haunt '08 Campaign

( - Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) will have a lengthy pro-abortion rights record to defend during her 2008 presidential campaign -- a record established not only by her Senate votes but also by her eight years as first lady. The presumed frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton has a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood. The same can be said of Democratic Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois, John Kerry of Massachusetts, Joseph Biden of Delaware and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards -- all of whom are expected to challenge Clinton for the nomination. Although helpful in a Democratic primary, a rigid stance on the issue could pose a challenge in a general election. Polls consistently show a majority of Americans support keeping abortion legal, but favor restrictions that Clinton and many Democrats don't support.
Yea, I suppose those thirty-four years Hillary Clinton has spent defending abortion rights for women are something you'd need to tease out of her public statements and photo-ops. I'm sure she never intended for the eagle-eyed Susan Jones to gather all her pronouncements and off-the-record interviews and suddenly realize a pattern of support for a woman's right to choose! My god! What shall Hillary do now that she has been exposed for the right-to-life fraud that she is!

For the record, Hillary's position has always been very clear: abortion should be safe, legal, and rare, the same as Bill Clinton's position, and one I can support as both a Christian and liberal.

Too often, we hear of the wingnuts of the White Ring complain that "libs are pro-abortion".

Right. We love littering the highway with dead fetuses. They are smaller than dead babies (In 2004, the U.S. ranked 28th among 37 nations surveyed by the American Public Health Association). Or dead Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, for that matter, and so they're easier to paint and make great planting borders!

You wonder sometimes if these people tie their shoelaces, or if they are forced to wear velcroed sneakers.

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