Thursday, March 31, 2011

If You Took Bill O'Reilly And The Points... to who the more reasonable conservative would be, you win!
Here's the thing about the Trump candidacy: altho he's posturing himself as a hard-line conservative, in point of fact prior to this cycle he never really evinced any serious interest in running for public office.
And some, like me, think that's still the case. He's not about political clout because he can wrangle his needs out of the existing power structure, left or right. This is why he's played his cards close to the vest in terms of political positions and why he's taken great pains to ensure his contributions benefit people across the spectrum.
So long as they can give something in return of course.
One thing is clear: he does not like President Obama. Which is fine. A candidate who decides to make it personal loses everytime.