Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where's The Jobs, Boener?

The List Of Job Creating, Small Government Proposals By The GOP To Save America

1. Ban/Restrict abortion
2. Redefine rape
3. End Net Neutrality
4. Ban Gay Marriage
5. Investigate Muslims
6. Voter ID
7. Secession
8. Make Obama show his birth certificate...again...everyday... forever
9. Repeal Union Rights
10. Restrict voting ability of college students
11. De-fund Obama's Teleprompter
12. De-fund NPR and PBS.
13. Declare Global warming a fraud.
14. Repeal Healthcare.
15. Read the Constitution...except for that amendment...and that one...that one too
16. Raise taxes on Girl Scouts.
17. Budget cuts to kill 1 million jobs.
18. Get rid of fluorescent light bulbs.
19. Ban Sharia law.
20. Force women to see sonograms of their soon-to-be aborted fetuses.
21. Renew Patriot act.
22. Restore F-35's second engine
(well, maybe this one, if you live in Boener's district...).
23. Eliminate Assenge.
24. Criminalize miscarriages
25. Defund Planned Parenthood
26. Declare English America's official language
27. Put "In God We Trust" on all Federal Buildings
28. Extend Bush tax cuts for top earners.
29. Deny foodstamps to families of workers who go on strike