Monday, March 28, 2011

Uhhhhhhhhhh, no. It's Not A Birth Certificate

Newsmax is touting the exclusive release to them by Donald Trump of his "birth certificate".
Except, the form they've published at the site is not his birth certificate.
See, I happen to still have my original birth certificate filed with the City of New York. It's a long form, which carefully details all my vital statistics: birth weight, length, names of my mother and my father, as well as my full name.
All typed in for filing at City Hall.
Trump was born in NYC. He was born eleven years before I was. He would have this form too. It is the official birth certificate, microfiched and filed at City Hall. What Trump has presented is a silly little diploma from Jamaica Hospital announcing the birth. No more official than, say, a notice in a Hawaiian newspaper would be.
So, Mr. Trump, where's the long form birth certificate?