Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Clash Of The Titans

It's sad that, even tho the nation has begun its shift back towards progress, we had to see one of these two great liberals lose a seat in the House:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a liberal establishment in the House, conceded defeat Tuesday night in Ohio's 9th district Democratic primary to longtime Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

[...]Kucinich made his concession speech just past midnight Wednesday, when Kaptur had a 24-point lead with 84 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press.

Both well-known Democrats, the 15-term Kaptur ended up competing against the eight-term Kucinich after Ohio lost two congressional districts because of the state's declining population. Kaptur started the race with an edge in the new 9th district, which retained more of her old district than Kucinich's.

It was a spirited contest, which is a polite way of saying what started out as a gente(wo)manly battle between two ideologically similar legislators became a bit testy. Kaptur, for all her progressive street cred, did vote for the Bush wars where Kucinich famously did not.

Two bits of good news come out of Ohio yesterday, tho.

First Sam "Joe the Plumber...NOT!" Wurtzelbacher won the Republican primary and will be executed by Kaptur in November. Thus endeth a minor blip on American history.

Second, in a stunning upset, Jean Schmidt, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West (Ohio Franchisee), was roundly beaten in her re-election bid by a podiatrist, which is a little like losing the dogcatcher election to a mouse.

Of course, the guy who beat her is fucking loonier than she is, but there you go, Cincinnatti!