Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mystery Date

Remember South Carolina, 2010? Alvin Green? He was nominated by Democrats to run against Senator Jim DeMint, and lost by a two-to-one margin. Nobody knew where he got his funding from (it costs $10G just to file for the election) yet he beat a better funded Dem in the primary with 59% of the vote, despite not placing a single ad, or even printing up yard signs. Rumours were he was a planted candidate selected for his complete inability to run for Senate.
I think that may have been a test run of a new strategy Republicans are going to attempt more and more and it's happening again:

No one has seen him; no one has heard him speak. Outside of his home county of Pike, there is probably no Democrat who could recognize him on sight.

Tuesday, the Waverly resident won -- barely -- the popular vote in the 2nd District's Democratic primary, while Brad Wenstrup was busy in the Republican primary upending a GOP incumbent member of Congress, Jean Schmidt.

Smith came out ahead of Madeira's David Krikorian, who ran against Schmidt as an independent in 2008, by a scant 59 votes out of slightly more than 20,000 cast. Once the official count is done later this month, there may well be an automatic recount.

"I have never seen. I don't know him," Krikorian said Wednesday. He blamed his loss on a mysterious super PAC that may have paid for calls for Smith and other Democrats.

I smell a Turdblossom on the wind here...