Monday, March 05, 2012

Today's Password: Ambiguity

There's been a certain false tension in the Republican primary season, mostly made up by reporters trying to justify four-hundred-dollar-a-night hotel rooms with a concomittant bar bill: Mitt Romney will win the nomination, it's just a matter of when and that story can be written from my couch when he does.
So this story is almost anticlimactic. Even if Santorum wins, he loses in the end. Even if somehow this vote keeps his campaign alive, all it does is a) force Mitt to spend money he no longer has now instead of in the general and b) makes Santorum's "fifteen minutes" almost zombie-like in its inability to end. It's creepy, in fact.
The only question that remains unanswered for me is, after all that Santorum's said and done to alienate anyone left of Torquemada-- and anyone less Catholic, too-- that he draws even a third of the vote in a state like Ohio, which nominally has, you know, colleges and stuff.