Friday, March 09, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...


(go ahead, Rush, sue me...I'd love to see you in court)

It's never going to end for Rush Limbaugh. You almost feel sad for the way people are piling on...until you remember that his voice sparked a million angry morons to threaten and aggravate and harass one innocent woman.

1) Joe Gandelman points out what I mentioned yesterday: the more Rush got away with his B.S., the more he was likely to push the envelope. Rush was out of touch with reality, as this latest Tourettian episode indicates. About the only thing he was in touch with was the one or two listeners who actually still cared. Most people have him on as background noise at work.

2) And even when he's been wronged, he makes a complete jerk of himself, which means it's going to be that much harder for him to actually get advertisers on his show.

3) You know who else likes Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, the child-killing, child-sexual-abusing warlord in Uganda? Our own boytoy loving Rush!

4) Apparently, slapping women around means Rush ain't Tuff Enuff.

5) As Eugene Robinson points out, Mitt Romney and the other Republican candidates have been very easy on Rush. Is this indicative, as so many other bits of evidence point, that the Republican party hates women? Note to Mitt and Rick and the rest (not you, Newt. There's no hope): If you wouldn't want a stranger calling your mom or sister or wife that word, then you need to man up, nut up, and stand up to this fat four-time loser.

6) Many of my more moronic friends have decided this is a First Amendment issue. It's not. No one stopped Rush from saying what he said, but more important, the government did not censor his speech, which is all the First Amendment is about. He said what he said, and he's being forced to take responsibility for what he said.

Since Rush has always been about "personal responsibility," it's interesting to see him try to lay the blame off on everyone else except himself. My moron friends ought to be aware of this, because I've heard them say similar things, but kept my mouth shut for friendship sake.

7) GREAT news on the jobs front!

8) Which makes this story even more important to read.

9) You know that great, mild weather we had this winter? Well, it's going to make food prices leap, believe it or not. For all our vaunted food and growing technologies, the bee is still the single largest reason we have food on the table. If they're dead, so are we.

10) And we end as we always do, with a light-hearted, funny piece: Rush Limbaugh's show on his flagship station only had TWO paid advertisements out of 86 commercial spots.

Sing it with me, folks!

Nah nah nah nah!
Nah nah nah nah!
Hey! Hey! Hey!