Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Valedictorians, Arise!

This story got a lot of play over the weekend, pitting free speech "experts" against freedom from religion "experts." I think in this case, I come down squarely in the "good taste" camp.
Valedictorian's speech cut short by school district

A local high school graduation ended with roars of protest after school officials turned the microphone off right in the middle of one of the valedictorian's speeches. The microphone cut out after the valedictorian at Foothill High made reference to God.

The family says the District's decision isn't fair. Brittney McComb says she's a straight A student, number one in her class, and is headed to Biola University in the fall.

Brittney attributes all of her success to God. Trouble is, she tried to explain that during her speech which the school district said they told her beforehand was a no-no.

"God's love is so great."

This was part of the speech that Brittney McComb says she so wanted to give on graduation night. But because it did have numerous references to God and Jesus Christ, the school district cut off the mic, leaving her practically silent. That's when many people stood up and booed, showing their support.
As well they should have, cut off her mic, I mean, but not for the piddling little reasons of Constitutionality.

Brittney, you seem like a bright kid, so let me give you a piece of advice you're probably not going to get from anyone else.

If it's dumb, don't do it. This was dumb. How do I know this? Here's what you said:
"God's love is so great."
Here's something else you might have said:
"Allah's love is so great."
"Satan's love is so great."
Do you see where I'm going with this? You hid behind God's skirts in a vain attempt for your fifteen minutes of fame.

Shut up. Get your degree, get a job....oops, Fundie Christian...get a husband...start a family, take some vacations.

Smart is wasted on you.

NOTE: Now, there's going to be an element out there that says, "Wait. Carl. You just slammed an 18 year old!"

Yea. And your point is? She's a straight A student who's corruptible enough to get it into her head that she's a warrior in fighting the oppression of white Christian males in America. I got no more problem with this than her side has with killing children in Haditha. Less so, since she's doing this of her own free will.

By the way, Biola University? A Fundie school. She's obviously already working on her know, her "Masters in Stepford Wife."