Monday, June 19, 2006

Who Da Man?

I made Pam "AtlASS" remove the embedding feature from her vlog at

Now, I consider myself a gentleman, and a really sweet forgiving guy....but this crackpot supports Santorum in her latest offering.

Go get her, folks! She's a skank and deserves our OB-GYN lovin'...

PS She's disabled my comments. Can't take a little heat there, Pammyboobs? C'est dommage.

I'll be at the Vilalge Barnes & Noble on Wednesday night, Pammy. If you'd like, we could meet up, you can bring your daughter to tape us, and we can....debate.

Better bring a dictionary. I'll do the translation for those of us who speak English.

UPDATE: Link fixed. I was trying to hack an embed. Sorry.