Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Growing Meme

Long time readers of my blog will note that I have, on occasion, made a gesture towards our Teabagging friends to try to persuade them that liberals are not the enemy: Corporate America is.
So I was heartened to see this article which carries my theme a little further down the field.
There's the wealthy and powerful, and then there's the rest of us (which includes me, who sort of falls near the crack between the two).

It didn’t take long for the light bulb to go off in my head once I got to the third paragraph to see truth in his article. The first and obvious is the recent bailouts, which included the bailouts to General Motors and Chrysler. The American people were sold on the bailouts being essential to save American jobs; perhaps there is some truth to that. However, it wasn’t long after the bailouts when GM began the talk of closing down American factories and building factories in China, Mexico, and Korea.

Left vs. Right became in government terms corporations vs. individuals. There was no guarantees (sic) in the bailouts, nothing that forced automakers to invest in our country. It was just easy money thrown their way at the expense of the taxpayer to make up for their bad corporate decisions.

You Teabaggers want populism? Here's populism. It's not about the government, who can be and must be answerable to us (but no longer is). It's about the monied interests who will do anything to advance their agenda, even destroying our lives.

And that's all of us, Teabaggers, left AND right and if you and I can't join forces, we will surely all hang separately.

From my very good friend and idle idol, Phil Proctor:


O----Oligarchy! Where the Rich get Richer all the time,

And the Union Slobs, just lose their jobs,

While the profits climb and climb and climb!

O----Oligarchy! Where a Corporation is a Guy,

And our country’s shot,

Right through the heart,

While their bonuses rocket to the sky!

The U.S. was once proud and free,

But today, we’re all broke,

And up a tree!

So when we shout – “Hey!

One day you’ll have to pay!”

We’re only sayin’ --

“We’ve had enough, you greedy bastards,

Oligarchy – go ‘way,

OK - Get lost, today!

Oligarchy -- NO WAAAAAY!!!”