Friday, March 18, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Welcome to American capitalism! These folks didn't steal anything, they didn't get bulk discounts, they didn't do anything except line up in droves early to buy as many iPads as they possibly could, then turned around and sold them at a hefty markup. I don't condone their actions, and I certainly don't approve of them, but that's the rules of the game, and they played them well.
2) This just goes to prove that even the President's supporters can be morons. Here's someone who wants to cut off America's nose to spite its face by drilling in more DANGEROUS places for oil than the Deepwater Horizon did and justifies it by saying: EARTHQUAKE! NUCLEAR POWER! And that's ignoring the proven deep environmental impact of just burning fossil fuels. But noooooooooooooo, immediate crises mean we should suspend thinking and get into totally reflexive reactive (no pun intended) mode!
3) For the record, I still support nuclear power as a clean but temporary alternative to fossil fuels until we've perfected the BTU output of solar and wind technologies. Which I'm sure this asshat will find some impeding doom in as well.
4) Here's a college professor I certainly would have attended extracurricular seminars (pun INtended) for.
5) Admittedly, there's a certain amount of irrelevance in a hereditary monarchy in this day and age, however, it looks like Prince William is the upgrade the Windsors have desperately needed. He's kind of the MacOS X to Liz and Chuck's Windoze 97.
6) The situation in Japan gets worse and worse, to be sure. We all pray for the people of Japan to get thru this with minimal casualties.
7) You sort of wonder if Chris Christie is as careful vetting his closest advisors as he is in vetting minor appoinments?
8) The US' next great weapon in the Global War On Terror: sockpuppets?
9) Here's someone you might want to keep tabs on to make sure he doesn't move next door to you.
10) Finally, if you live in the US, Europe or north Asia, take heed. Wear sunblock. LOTS of sunblock.