Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moron Westboro Baptist Church

There have been rumours the Westboro Baptist Church will protest at a funeral today of seven Mennonite children killed in a house fire in Pennsylvania.
A counter-protest has been planned. One can only hope it will be unnecessary.

Still, Westboro member Margie Phelps, reached in New York, claimed Westboro members were present, holding signs containing statements such as "God sent the killer."

She said the group had "outfoxed the mob" by staying clear of where everyone would look for them. She also claimed the group had accomplished its mission by penetrating the minds of the mourners.

"Do you think there was a single person there who didn’t have ‘Thank God for dead soldiers’ on their mind?" she said, referring to signs Westboro members regularly display at funerals of soldiers.

I'm not a violent man, but death is too good for Margie Phelps and her klan.