Friday, December 28, 2007

Nobdy Asked Me, But

Simply Left Behind's Man Of The Year -
Former President Al Gore

The Year In Review

1) Best hockey fight of the year (March's hard to believe this wasn't a weekly feature from the get-go)

2) Rupert Murdoch's homophobia rears its ugly head. (May 3)

3) Mad squirrels (June 15)

4) Was it a bad year for George Clooney or what? He cracks up his motorcycle, releases Oceans Thirteen and then this? (June 22)

5) Global warming is not just Earth's problem (June 29)

6) In just over a year, we can forget the past eight years...(July 13)

7) Why Paris Hilton will never leave the spotlight. (July 27)

8) I'm still training hard for this (August 17)

9) When bugs marry (October 12)

10) Blaming Hollywood for being a crappy screenwriter. Yup. A Republican! (November 2)

11) One final thought: isn't it ironic that, in our "global war on Islamic extremists", we've engaged countries that have had women leaders (Turkey, Pakistan, and Indonesia) but we deride perhaps the best qualified leader in our own country for the most trivial of reasons? Are Islamists better than we are? Smarter?

Next week: Top stories I'll be watching in 2008.

P.S. Jonah Goldberg's new book "Liberal Fascism" looks to be a sure whiner, so we should all Googlebomb it to death!